Hang Glider Storage Container Update...


If you are a Glider container storage participant take note of the following. We are in the process of updating our records & removing any poachers from storage. Make certain you check what info we have currently on our web site & make sure it is correct. 


If you see something incorrect let us know immediately. Our web site indicates past due on a number of pilots. If this is incorrect let us know. If you have vacated the spot and no longer need it, we also need to know that also.

We are moving a number of newer pilots into those slots. If you are not in the right spots we need to know.

Contact Owen Morse, Kevin Williams or myself if there are any discrepancies immediately.

Fly safe!




Hi Jeff,

I sent you and Owen few emails, but did not get any response. I paid in full for 2-BL-4 spot, which we're share with Dan, so please update accordingly.



Thanks Alex,

We are in the process, so thank you for the info.                                                                                                          There has been a number of piilots contact us with their update.

Some of our info is incorrect. 

If anyone out there would like to share an empty spot they are not currently using and don't plan to, please let us know. We have a few that would help share your expense to store a single glider.