Saturday 021018 clips


Yesterday was interesting.

Low clouds that lifted until you set your glider up on Crestline.

Then it was blowing down, up, down, up...

I launched into the schmutz for my extended sledder and used the drogue to come in East bound for landing over the gliders there.

At least I got in the air...




Thanks for the post.

Regarding the drogue deployment: I believe all the Tenax harnesses come equipped with a drogue pocket that turns inside out (like a pair of blue jeans' pockets) when you pull the handle that attaches to the stiff piece of fabric that gets folded over the drogue during installation. In my expereince, this is the safest and most reliable method of drogue deployment and least likely to result in a tangled chute or wrap around rear wire or control bar. If you don't have the drogue pocket handle you can order one from WV. Any questions--just ask me next time we get together and I'll be glad to review your setup. Other than that, I hope you like using the 6-panel, slotted drogue.

Cheers, Jonathan