Elsinore Oak Tree LZ Fenced Off


Thanks to some transient tent person [allegedly] with a [firearm] a few weeks ago, the Oak Tree LZ is now fenced off along Ortega Hwy and [according to at least one pilot] the police are threatening to arrest anyone who sets foot on the property. Alternate LZs are being scoped out but none has been established yet to replace the Oak Tree. [All the other alternative bailouts are still there.]

There's always Mentone or Avenue S in Palmdale in case the fence is an issue during NE days.

Whatever happened to that "official" LZ a little further south, where they bulldozed out a bunch of olive trees and a homeless encampment?  I only ever looked at it on Google Maps.

The LZ next to the Ortega is fenced off, no cars can get in, but you can still land inside and walk out to the turnout where you can park.  Or you can land in the LZ Tim mentioned, in front of the E cone,  So far paragliders and hang have been landing in the old LZ and walking out, or down a little on the right, at the corner of Ortega and Grand, basically across the street from the market.   There is plenty of landing areas.  Have heard nothing about a transient with a gun, calling total BS on that!  It wasn't a sudden thing to put the fence up, they measured and been planning for weeks.  It is to keep the homeless out according to the owner and the police.  The "homeless" took over up at the oak tree old old landing, drive in with stolen goods, make huge messes and light fires.  Fire department was there 2 or 3 weeks ago and was another fire last week, so they put the fence up to try and keep the drug addicts out.  BTW some of the locals tried to keep the homeless out when they first started coming, called cops on them a few times, etc.  but sherif couldn't do anything until the owners got involved, hence the fence.

For now it seem people are still meeting at the turn out for the ride up and landing where ever is fine.

It sounds like Rashamon.

The lake level is down and the marina sand bar is well exposed. I heard the marina says we can land there. HGs take a lot more room to land safely.

 One guy talked to them and they said we could land there and get picked up no charge, and -- I forget exactely -- but something like if more than one car $10 a day per car to park and hang out there.  I like landing there