Shade Structure Information Reorganization

Ironically, this will be an unorganized post.  I'm going to give my thoughts on things, and I'd really like other people to reply to this to give other points of view.

 I overheard a project about putting up a TV screen/monitor and possibly a weather monitor and I've been working a little bit on filling cracks and touching up the paint on the structure.  So I'm thinking there should be some sort of overall design to all the functions that the shade structure provides in addition to shade.


Place to instruct

Place to test harnesses in the shade


Lost and Found

I think it's probably time to reorganize the information on the shade structure.   We have the more-or-less weatherproof display cases that Dusty Rhodes so kindly built.  

I think Dave Aldrich has put up the latest version of emergency information, because I see QR codes there to pull up info on smart phones, and I think that's a really good idea that should be used more places on what we display.

I'm not sure the display cases are in the best spot for getting the highest likelyhood of people actually reading the information.  On the other hand, I'm not sure exactly where that would be, so maybe they are. 

I do think it's likely some people are going to be reluctant to go up and stand right in front of someone sitting on the  bench in order to read the information. As far as that goes, the bench is really wide, so you can't really get all that close to the bulletin boards anyway.  And anyone hanging in a harness pretty much blocks access to them as well.

There's some information we'd like everybody to read, including non-flying visitors. Stuff like "Gliders can land at any time from almost any direction, and they don't make much noise, so watch out." and that we're in Mountain Lion and Bear habitat and please don't let your children play with the rattlesnakes.  All the warning stuff.  All the in-case-of emergency stuff.  In short, all the CYA stuff.

There's the information for visiting pilots. Rules, ride information, Weather information, house thermals, etc.. I'm wondering if we couldn't use a QR code to pull up a "navigate to launch site" on a smart phone.

There's optional information. Say, the story of Andy and Juanita and how the LZ came to be. A gliding FAQ. Cool pictures. Pointers to instruction.

I'd really like to figure out a way to grab people by the eyeballs so they go over and check the information out.  It was very discouraging awhile back to have someone suggest that we should put up information about the approach patterns when it was already there.

I'm thinking the best place for the display cases is on the long east wall of the containers. That's a fairly central spot that isn't blocked by anything.  We should probably paint to cover the grime from when the barbeque was there.  The teaching spot could be moved over by where the ring and hook game is.








I have been assisting the guys  setting up the Marshall weather station project, one of the items planned has been to set up a screen(s) displaying current weather information from Marshall/crestline and possibly a monitor to be used for instruction/movies etc. 

Last weekend as we were discussing possible locations for the displays it became apparent that some amount of reorganization of the current shade structure info panels would be a good idea to make it all the components work together. 

I have a CNC router capable of cutting 4'x8' plywood sheet and a laser cutter capable of cutting 18"x32" non-metallic material up to 1/2" thick, I could help make new signage/stencils if someone with graphic design skills created files for me to feed into the machines. 


All good ideas, but I see the following benefit values:

Screens/Tablets displaying weather/wind at launches: Usefull almost every day by a large number of pilots.

Big TV/monitor for instruction/movies: Useful once in a while.

Jerome, thanks for your input from an instructors point of view. 

I agree that a monitor for instruction, or whatever else would be less useful on an regular basis.

Could a cheap/older computer and monitor be set up (instead of several tablets) to display weather info from the stations on a split screen? This could possibly serve double duty when (and if the need arose) and would take up less space on the shade would also be a lot less work for those involved in implementing it and as such would get done much quicker.

I have an old Mac mini collecting dust on my desk that i could donate to the project as well.




The club not too long ago bought a digital projector.  We also have a screen, though I'm not wild about where it's placed.