Thursday 2018/1/18 - Better than expected and warm


Today I had fun going nowhere for 3 hours: Flight on Doarama.

Max of 6745' and warm. Good turnout for a week day, do these people have jobs?

PG, T2C and Sport 2 175 all climbing out together in front of Marshall. Hopefully, Frank H got some good video from his wing camera.

Thursday January 18 was fantastic. Many got over 2 hours of easy soaring.  It almost seemed like a smooth summer day.  I launched Marshall and flew 2 hours 20 minutes, got to 6800 ft and made two complete laps from Marshall, cut-off, Crestline, Pine, and back to Marshall. 


Here is a short video of my launch and climb out in a thermal with Jonathan and Jerome.  You will notice I have rubber down tubes when I launch.  Also, check out my backwards thermaling technique.

Frank Hamann

Orange, CA

Jerome, i went no where 1 hour faster than you :) i did it in 2 hours and only had to climb to 6,500 to do it ..hahahaaaa