Advance Iota 26 for sale


EN B Advance Iota size 26, (75 - 100 kg), 165 - 220lb, clip in including wing.

Flown a couple winter seasons locally, probably 75 hours or so on it.  Stored flat so rods and seams in good shape.  It has one 6 " rip that has been repaired.

Great wing, and the only reason I am selling it is I need a smaller size.



Hi Jeff. Not sure if you found your smaller wing yet...but i need to sell or trade my 2012 Macpara Yukon 25 (75-95kg) (high B)for a slightly larger wing...ive flown an iota 26 and i like it. If you dont know the macpara up on it and if you seem interested in a trade...i can meet you up at andy jackson in early february and we can look at/fly each others wing to consider a trade. My yukon has about 65 hrs...just porosity tested at 49 seconds (good condition) and has one 2" rip and two 1" inch rips that have been taped...and a shredded line that was replaced last fall. Get in touch if interested. Don Lange. 406.360.3056.

Hi Don, thanks for the offer, but that wing still too big for me!  I lost a lot of wieght...   looking to clip in around 75 with my lightwieght harness, and with spring approaching probably just stick with my Zeno for the year.