1980's WW alpha free to anyone interested


step father of one of the guys at my shop has a 1980 wills wing glider that he is looking to get rid of, all i know is that the glider has been stored at Santa ynez airport for 15 years, was complete and flightworthty when stored, has a rainbow sail and was branded as a ww alpha. It's free to anyone interested.

reply to this post if you would like it.




Is it still available? I’ll take it if so!


Jolene, your user profile indicates that you are a beginner.

Be advised that the glider mentioned above was made by Wills Wing 35+ years ago.

It IS NOT the current Wills Wing Alpha optimized for training hill / beginners / experienced pilots who know what's really fun.

Like Ken said it's super old and given the advances made in the sport over the last 35 years i would never think of flying such a "vintage" glider. I only posted it because it was going to the trash and thought someone might find it interesting for historical value. 


Might make a pretty cool patio cover above the BBQ area at the LZ.