Two Vans


We are please to announce the synchronizing of the Sandy Van and the High Adventure Van. It will hopefully provide more flexibility to go directly to both Marshall and Crestline in most cases by sending one van to each site.


To book go to the shuttle page at and you'll see it has a single schedule now. Quantity is often to be either 18 (or 17 if High Adventure is bringing a tandem student).


Sandy and Rob will be evaluating the demand by 9am each day and then plan either 1 or 2 vans for the scheduled times that day. Please help us help you by getting your name scheduled in time (9AM) for our evaluation so we know how many pilots will need rides to launch. If you delay booking, we might have already reduced the maximum seating from 18 to 10 or even lower meaning you might not get a ride in the van.


Another change is how much ahead you are able to book. Previously it was a week ahead, but now you may book up to just 48 hours ahead which hopefully reduces pilots booking into shuttles that are not likely to be with flyable conditions.

As mentioned above our hope is to send one van to Crestline and the other directly to Marshall meaning those Marshall pilots won't have to endure a trip that first goes to Crestline. But even if both vans have to head to Crestline, at least those going to Marshall won't have to hang around as one van will wait on glider bags from the hangs and the other van will immediately head to Marshall.

Usually pilots want to know the latest wind speeds before deciding which launch they prefer so we will always delay that decision to loading time and use the current readings from each launch to help all pilots decide their site preference.