Sunday, 2017/12/3, that was fun.


Great day for this time of the year. I launched my PG from Marshall around 1 pm and landed 3 hour 10 min later. On my first thermal from Marshall climbed to near 6000' and dove back to Crestline. Did the round trip to Pine and back then the front range was working well late in the day getting back up to 5500'.

Allen was able to launch from the 750 and climb out.

Lots of pilots enjoyed this last-good-day-for-a-while.

Nice warm temps in the LZ and cool temps at launch, SoCal Windter flying with a mix of Autumn :) ... Tagged 5,800 ft just 5 minutes after launching Crestline... after 15 minutes it was 4,800 at BB then out front for some fun scratch-N-Climbs... Lots-O-Pg's out today...

Yeah, very fun later-day flight.  I launched a Sport 2 155 from Marshall about 2:45 and got a good hour in before deciding to go land.  Climbs to 4,500 and 4,700 and lots of fun scratching  at the top of Cloud Peak in the SSE flow.  Did some gaggling with PGs at Marshall and one great cooperative climb with a PG just east of Cloud - we went around eye-level taking turns dipping into the good core until it got wide enough for the both of us.

Finished off my flight with a wingover and a spin. There's a little LZ banter with Jonathan Dietch at the end of the video.




Saw I guy tumble doing a similar maneuver, albeit in a higher performance glider.....

Thanks for the videos guys!

It was fun day, thanks Jerome for all helpful info over radio. It was great to see nice blue sky once I climbed over inversion layer. Can't wait for another nice winter flyable day.