More Afternoon Glass-off Joy!


This flight was May 22, 2017, and I can for the life of me recall who drive for me and shot the video using my camera. Please step forward if it was you. Anyhow we are well into the off-season so it's video edit and posting time once again.

Maybe ramp up the discussion a little? Great job on the Sven Nykvist impression! Let's do it again with a tripod and fluid head and do the entire ROW Hwy scenic overlooks. It will be a real leading edge video. Appologies for the snappy retorts. I know I will pay for this. Can't wait for the repartee. Must be winter closing in.  


I'm relatively new to the sport and have heard the term "glass-off" several times but I'm not sure I understand what it means. Would you mind explaining the term.



BTW... nice landing.

Smooth, bouyant late afternoon/early evening lift. Especially prevelent during hot weather where it's nasty and turbulent mid-day.