Film crew


Did anyone know about the commercial production being out here today?


Frank Hamann is starring in a commercial or magazine article for AAA (Auto Club).

You can save hundreds of $$ by switching to AAA auto insurance!  I'm glad I had a stunt man to do the flying scenes, launching in Santa Ana winds. (just kidding, no flying was done.) 

I hope the film crew did not cause too much inconvenience, especially for the Strong the Wind Blows event.

Perhaps this commerical will give our sport and club some good publicity.

We will be back in a few weeks to film the flying scenes.

Have a great flying day today!

Frank Hamann

H4; Sport 2 175


Good publicity is good. Double booking not so good. Probably set back the other event by 2+ hours. Next time please post something warning that there may be an extra 20 cars and multiple trucks and trailers dominating the parking and LZ. A flyable weekend may also not be a good choice.

This was a big bucks production. Did they pay their day use fee?

The film crew said they'd be done at sunset. I assumed theyd be going as the movie watchers were rolling in.  My bad, not Frank's.



All you need to do, is get your wife to cook a good grilled dinner this weekend

for the pilots !! HA !!!!