Sprinkler woes

The valve box for zones 1 & 2 is flooding with water every time the master valve is turned on.

I've only got it partially dug out, but it looks like when we installed it, there was a manifold made of two 4 inch tees, or maybe a tee and an elbow.

Anyway, it looks like the tee has a crack in it, so any time we're watering, the master valve is turned on and water is pouring out of that crack. It's probably not quite as bad as having another sprinkler head on, so I'm going to continue to water.

Is there anybody in the club who has experience with fixing this kind of thing?

I've dug down to the bottom of the valve box, but the lines to the sprinklers go through holes drilled in the box, so I'll have to cut a slot down to the bottom to lift the box off. The serial power/control lines go through holes in the end of the box, and I'll have to cut slots there, too.

All that I can see to do is reproduce that manifold, cut all the input and exit pipes, and put flanged fittings or unions on all the pipes that were cut.  Once we cut that main line, though, we can't water again until it is fixed.

I'm really hoping someone with more experience will have some good suggestions.

It looks like there will be an awful lot of careful hand digging, so volunteers to help with that would be appreciated, too.

Can you see the whole crack?   Drain all the pressure from the pipes and then maybe slap a big wad of plumbers epoxy on it and see if we get lucky?

Kind  of a half assed approach I'l agree.....................

I really, really, really do not want to have to dig the damn thing up again.  But maybe I'll try something like that with a hose clamp on top of it to see if I can reduce the leakage / keep it from getting worse.

Okay, I've dug out some more, gotten the box off, and applied pressure with and without hose clamp.

The crack goes from the rim of the 90 outlet to the rim of one of the other outlets, and water sprays out from spots along the other outlet's circumference. The hose clamp reduces the flow some.

After texting Greg Hunter for advice, my current plan is to build a new manifold, then use 4 90 elbows on the main line to shift the whole kit and kaboodle sideways some arbitrary amount. That lets me just slide the new manifold on like a trombone.  The irrigation box and everything else will just slide over, as well.

The feeder for zone one already has a U shape in it, so I should be able to use that same trick.

The feeder for zone two goes straight out, so I'll either need to get a repair coupler or use the  4 90s  trick on it.

Still more digging to do.

Looked up parts prices on the internet and locally, and while you can buy stuff cheaper on the Internet, the shipping eats up those savings.  If there's a local (Riverside/San Bernardino) plumbing supply house that has the best prices, I'd be happy to hear about it.


Jeff Boehler brought a number of things to fix the leak. He cleaned everything up with a flap sander and Dremel tool, and PVC glued a portion of a slip coupler up tight against the tee with plenty of glue slathered on.

Hose clamps were added to tighten up / prevent cracks from expanding, and Jeff fiberglassed over all of that.

I did the heavy work of occasionally handing him a strip of fiberglass.

This morning it's down to a dribble, instead of spraying wildly.


Oh my goodness Tim W!  I can't even imagine the work you put into making the lawn nice and making sure it's comfortable for pilots to land. 

Also great work to other volunteers who constantly lending their free time for the club.  Both hands up to you too Jeff Boehler! 

Yayy!!!  Many many thanks!!  

Tim the "Tool Man Ward" has been, ( I don't mean he is not around anymore), diligently focused on preserving our LZ to "Greener Pastors".

I joined him on a recent mission to conserve some water, till proper repairs could be made.

We gained some knowledge of repairs, with some experimentation, for future problems that  may occur. 

When the "Tool Man Tim" calls, we all come forward to help out!

The hole he dug.

Water spraying from crack and joint @360` every where. This is a 4" supply line.

The fix. A 4" supply line.












Added strength and mechanical fix. (no duct tape this time)...

Let's see if she holds Captain.......

We'll take a dribble if she gives us that.....

Fly Safe!