Andy Jackson Airpark 23rd Anniversary Fly-in

Come join us Saturday July 8th for the Andy Jackson Airpark 23rd Anniversary!

$10 Taco dinner presented by Tako Boy.

Fun for the whole family!!


Come have fun and meet some amazing people who just have such the biggest smile after flying.  It's really wonderful to see how a sport can bring so much excitement and happiness to someone even to the spectators.

Many thanks to all that's making this possible for another FLY IN at Andy Jackson Airpark for CSS!  So come and join this addictive energy!!


Is it just me or is the forecast for Saturday's fly-in looking pretty gosh darn good?  At least for those who are going to be in the air.  May be a wee bit warm in the LZ so hopefully the XC ranch pond is full of water.  See you all there (although the forecast at Elsinore is pretty tempting if you can deal with the heat of setting up there).  See you in the air, Alan

If the flag and windsock on that flier is any kind of prediction of the day, it could be an interesting if not fun day indeed... Anyone want to predict the weather today.

On July 8, 2017,, there very hot weather and very light wind also there thick cloud behind crestline launch ..... and DHG flew low for safety it maybe lightning strike or not .. then i stay flew around marshall peak then landed safe ..

here nice picture on me...