Nearby places to Stay


A couple pilots are coming down to visit in a week, and with camping currently banned, can anyone recommend decent lodging nearby?

no camping at the Cross Country Ranch, for sure. There are plenty of alternate options for tent campers though. Not supposed to stay or park at AJX overnight...but what is wrong with camping down the road a bit, or toward the training hill where its neither AJX nor CCR?

i've made it work, no problem. just sayin. where there's a Wills there's a way. gotta fly it all weekend.

just some rad pg flyin at Elsinore this last weekend though:




Lanch and landing were great good job.

The north property line of the leased land called AJX and the south property line of the land known as Cross Country Ranch are touching each other. There is no land in between. No overnight camping on either property. Sorry. It is tough for us, too.

Being a relative of Milton S., who planned out much of San Diego, I decided to put my natural platting instincts to some use here:

It works; not tough for me at all. Totally doable. No showers kinda sucks, but maybe i'll just have more of the shuttle to myself? :)





but, been there, done that!

I think the big thing is the impression we give the county.

We do not want to screw up the chances of getting the conditional permit for the ranch.

That is why we (a none ranch property user) moved our rig.


Think of it as an optimization problem. Location location location. If one is way into some adjacent property then, sure, its tacky. Not good for the AJX reputation. But strategically placed in a convenient location on the border, and packed up early, realistically no one is going to complain ever. At least i've never had a problem....but i pack my stuff up early and get my vehicle back to the AJX parking lot before most people have had breakfast. Here's some suggestions :)


I think your being a bit Self-Centered at the moment ; kinda

like you appear to not give a Squat about the other club

members ?

Also --  it would take a Special sorta Prick, to actually post

that crap on a public forum ; where the guy who first

complained about the camping could also read it.


HAY Everybody : "NO Beer for Nate" .


Nothing wrong with questioning. Thats how things change for the better.

The 750. Top of marshall. Regionals. Higher is cooler too.

I havent seen a soul at the girl scout camp in over 15 years.

the 750 could be great for camping, but i find needles and brass up there frequently. when i go up there to fetch my vehicle at night on a weekend there is quite often activity and people hanging out. ymmv.

but it is also true that i contribute a lot to the club and its infrastructure. And at least i'm a 'special' prick, that makes me feel nice. You know what the difference between a porcupine and a Porsche is?


And now IOU a cold Beer for being what i called you.

Sorry ; that won't happen again !!