Induction for Newbie


Hi all,

I am a Swiss paraglider (150 hours airtime) and moved to San Diego a couple of weeks ago. I will be here until July and already flew a few SDHGPA sites. But I would also like to check out Crestline/Marshall. Anyone willing to give me an induction and carpool? 

I thought about coming tomorrow or Sunday. Also, what times of the day can you fly? Only evenings or also during the day?



Hi and welcome!

Crestline/Marshall is a UHSPA H3/P3 rated site. If you are P2 you can fly if you get a sign off from one of our local instructors. Check out the instruction tab at the top.

Mid day conditions can be extreme. Lower experience pilots or pilots new to the site should fly early or late in the day. After 5pm it backs off and can be very nice.

Please familiarize yourself with the site protocols and especially landing protocols for the LZ (especially important on busy weekend evenings.)

There are several shuttle services available. If you can't find a ride come out early and talk to some locals. Definitely at least get an on site intro from a local before flying.

Hope to see you out flying!