Cell Phone Carriers - All of them "good enough" ?


For use at the LZ and Marshall launch, please share if you are happy or unhappy with a given cell phone carrier like... MetroPCS, AT&T, Virgin, T-Mobile, Sprint or Verizon.

Maybe they are all "good enough" these days? Thank you.

A small database of cell carriers with various signal strength would be good to have. I am on Veriozn and get excellent 4G in the LZ. Marginal on the launches but I'll try to remember to check it out next time I'm up at Marshall/Crestline.

I have the same carrier and coverage.

Works great after you get in the air though!



Good signal at the LZ. Intermittent at Crestline and Marshall launches. Intermittent driving through waterman canyon.

Works great at LZ & Crestline launch.

I just need to walk to the NW corner of Marshall launch to call & receive phone calls.

I get intermittent text messages on the RR ties area.

Verizon. 10 years ago i switched from Verizon to At&T....and 24 hours later i switched back to Verizon...

ok reception at LZ, drops out en route to Marshall on several turns/occasions, no reception most of the dirt road.
Only one spot receives at Marshall, off to the side, downhill.

Same at LZ, much better en route, and some more spots at Marshall.

ATT is horrible most areas. Sprint is declining rapidly.

You being a trainer might need to get Verizon (or one of their MVNO's = cheaper) , for SoCal they have the best actual coverage.

I'm trying to imagine Jerome with an actual not-only-911 cellphone!

Do wonders happen?

Hey Jerome.  My Sprint service seems to work relatively OK on Marshall.  It's pretty good at the LZ.  Haven't had any problems for the most part.


living in Idyllwild the only cell that is reliable here is Verizon.


I have ATT and it works great in the LZ, but its a bit slow (albeit functional) at Marshall.  I noticed I lose service for ~10 minutes when driving up to Marshall (specifically on the trail North of launch).