First HG Trip to Cali


Howdy y'all,

I'm Ty, H3, out of Houston.

I have next week off from work and have been kicking around going to Lookout Mountain for spring break and keeping an eye on the weather.  Looks like they are getting hit by a cold front up in Tennesse and...lately here in Houston it has been raining so much it's not going to make in XCs I was thinking, shoot, might as well go to California! 

I have heard y'all fly 360 days out of the year, I don't have a pulse on the weather for y'alls area and was wondering about camping out somewhere near launch or lz. 

Just trying to get the scoop/



This time of year you can fly somewhere in SoCal 4-5 out of 7 days, unless it's raining which might last 1-2 days.  At Crestline/Marshall 2-3 days per week are typically flyable with the other's being North winds and not launchable.  The better days at Crestline/Marsha are North in the AM and switch mid-day to South or Southwest.  When its not flyable at Crestline/Marshall head to Elsinore or other sites nearby which allow for N or E wind launches.  Works gets in the way of flying for most but there are usually a couple of guys playing hookie on the better mid-week days.  Weekends that are flyable (no matter how good) will have a 1/2 dozen HG's or more and a dozen para's out.  Rides and site intro's are usually easy to come by.  

Post when you are heading out and we'll try to hook you up.


Thanks goes out to EVERYONE in the CSS for setting Kale and I (Tyson) up with an awesome spring break 2017!  I don't know if this one can be beat, so much flying, so many good times!  I really enjoyed the AJX LZ and shade area, thanks to Kathy for making sure that we were all squared away, thanks to Chris for responding to me on here, thanks to the Wills Wing crew, especially Ken, Steve, and Alfredo, Big thanks goes out to Rob Mckenzie for the ride and bringing me out a glider to rent just in case.  Another big thanks goes out to Jonothan for taking us under your wing and showing us all the cool places to go!  It was a great vacation to say the least!  I'm sure I'm forgeting some others, ohh yeah thanks to Alan and Jeremy for being the coolest paragliders I've ever met and giving us a helping hand on launch.  Also, thanks to Everyday Mike for setting us up at the E.  Thanks to Andy and Rob and Doug and Jenice over in Sylmar!  Woke up at dawn and enjoyed every sunrise, flew my ass off, enjoyed every sunset and stayed up way too late...just couldn't get enough of it... Crestline ROCKS!!!

Glad to be able to help make it a great vacation.