Litespeed 3


I have one.

the particular Litespeed that i own was used to acheive at least one distance record.

hitting a record sounds nice.

maybe i'll acheive the record for "world's hardest whack". only one way to find out.

OMG I LOVE THIS WING SO MUCH. What a spectacular glider!! And i've heard from some people who've flown both that the T2C is even better...very hard to imagine better than this! But ok i'll fly one of those too :) Thermalling was just so easy because it held bank nicely and plenty of efficient SPEED to get through sink and find better air without losing too much. ie. Soaring as it was meant to be

Prior pilot was aerobatic so i changed the wires; did it myself. First time i've changed wires, but everything seemed to hold up ok. I do know that some of those wires are pretty important!



ps. did NOT set world record for world's hardest whack! Had a decent landing and enjoyed the nice long flare window.

topless is the way to go. not flying around with the spoiler on all the time. not at all floatey, no debate this thing is really flying!

Great job yesterday.  One suggestion:  just fly the Lightspeed for a while. Don't switch back and forth with other gliders.  Build up muscle memory on that wing for as long as you can.  Fly it in all types of conditions.  Land it a lot and in a lot of different LZ's.  The more you fly it, the more you'll love it.  :)

Chris, that must be great advice because i've heard it from several highly experienced pilots now :)

yeah, i've flown more than half a dozen wings from several manufacturers the last couple years trying to find something i really fell in love with all-around...i felt it was out there somewhere, and definitely the litespeed 3 is a "eureka" moment. I could extricate from sink so efficiently\quickly and it sometimes sort of reminded me of the sailplane. The cost of bolting is way reduced, so that affects soaring strategies compared with, ie, my sport 2. I like that litespeed is not floatey and does everything with a TON of momentum. It likes to fly fast and so do i, otherwise i'd be one of the PG-only pilots. Landing is not so bad just need to visualize glide appropriately and fly it fast, again i like that.

why fly anything else? :D I'm trying to reason through it now, i guess sometimes i might be in a mood to stuff fewer battens or whatever, but i'm approaching the end of an exploratory phase and do need to consolidate.


the reason i've liked to fly a myriad of gliders dates back to when i first started flying Falcons. Rob put my on a 195 first and i hated that glider. I was dropping wings on launch, getting overpowered and having trouble compensating on a glider that was flying me instead of vice versa. I was strongly considering leaving the sport because i just didn't enjoy flying it, esp. per the amount of financial and time commitment the sport took. Anyway Rob put me on a 170 and soon after i was optioning a brand new one for purchase - i absolutely loved that glider immediately! Still do. 

Back then that got me thinking: If basically just a size made that amount of difference, imagine the difference that entire new designs would make! So i wanted to fly anything i could get my hands on. Rob would not let me fly a T2c my second year, but he will confirm i indeed tried to buy one from him. A red demo that was at the 2015 WW demo days. Looking back, and reviewing my footage from then it was a prudent decision by Rob because my landing form was still developing. Not bad at all, but in flux as far as timing.

Anyway the higher performance glider i flew, generally the happier i have been. Yes, really! And now that i'm flying the highest performance flex wings, i just can't imagine it being any better! One can see the overall HG design has evolved for all the right reasons, i'm glad i'm not alone in what i like to see in such a craft.

Wings flown and I still can’t land… I went through about 10 down tubes the first year flying the WW HPAT 158.

The best all around wing for fun out of these for me is the U2-160.. but flying was still fun on all of these.. Crash Corbin won a comp on an intermediate wing so…..its like when Boreal climbing shoes came out back around 1982…all the climbers were getting up harder routes even though they were not really climbing any better… (Darn shoes stick like glue with the Stealth 2 soles)


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Tonys Pepsi Machine :) hahahahaa not coke

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Mark, you have some of the most consistent landings in the club; you can definitely land. I liked your up-the-training-hill landing the other week when it was East. Super cool approach with a lot of speed past the shade structure.As far as 10 downtubes on an HP-AT....well, they say "HP" stood for "Handling Problems". Some of those 80s gliders have a reputation for being tricky to land. Never flown one, but the modern stuff is so nice.


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