Work Party Fri/Sat Mar 17,18

We had 45 tons of compost material delivered to treat the eastern third of the grass. Need help to turn 40 large piles of material into 900 small piles of material that can be raked into a 5/8 inch thick layer.  Many hands make light the work. It isnt difficult, but it is work. If we can get a few barrows working, the job can be complete in 7 hours. Split that into a couple days, 3-4 hours each day. 

Green soft cool grass comes at a price. Show up before you go up.

I'll be there today 9am and tomorrow at 8am.  Hope to see you there.

A huge thanks to those who showed up!. Even Jonathan Dietch helped put a dent in it.

Saturday wrapped up by 11 or so after Gene transported excess material. We had around 10 hands show up which made a short day for everyone.  Even a few non pilots contributed. Thank you all.

Soon to be solo pilot, Tom Sawyer, piloted over the landing area and I got some photos.

Yes, I am the proud president of the agrarian soaring society.
When nobody was looking I even planted my 6, Prop 64 seeds in the process.
Please mow around that spot.