HG Storage

Below are the general requirements for renting a storage shelf at Andy Jackson Airpark:

  • Contact:  Primary contact is Kelly Tesch (HG Storage hgStorage@crestlinesoaring.org) but anyone on the CSS board can also help you. Go to the CSS Directory at the top of the CSS web page for eMail addresses for the board memebers.
  • Cost: The annual fee is $100.00 due in June, plus there is a one-time start up fee of $150.00.  So the initial cost is $250.00 then $100.00 per year to store your glider at the airpark. Exception: If you choose to store your glider on a top shelf, CSS will waive the $150.00 start-up fee.
  • Liability: The Crestline Soaring Society cannot be held respoinsible for any damage or loss of property that is placed in the HG storage containers.  Pilots are storing theire equipment at their own risk.  Any pilot storing equipment in the HG storage container must sign a waiver acknowledging this liability statement.
  • Visitors: CSS has two shelves in bin 3 (second bin from the left) that are available to visitors. They are the two lower shelves in the front, right section of the bin (3-FR-1 and 3-FR-2).  The fee for using these shelvs is $1.00 per day.


I have recently lost my bunk mate.  Split the cost of the year with me and you have a place to store your glider!

$50 for the year.


Hi Allen - If by any chance you're still looking for a storage partner, please let me know. I'm heading back to NYC for a few months on Monday and I'd like to find a spot for my Horizon ASAP. I can be reached at: (917) 216 - 5445 (voice/text). Thanks!

Best regards, Andrew


I currently don't have a hang glider. Location 2-FL-5

Hi Tom,

I will be back in the area this April or May, the latest... so if I can store my glider on your shelf until then, that would be a great help and very much appreciated. I would like to contribute to the cost of the shelf and would be happy to send you some money or square away when I return - whichever you prefer. Thanks, again!

Best regards,