Where is the 1100' launch ?


Today I used the 1100' launch with my PG, but people asked "where is it ?"  --> See picture below.


The '1200' launch was named The Black Eye launch by Smokin Joe after he restored it to operatrion in 2014. I forgot who first developed it in decades past. I've used it once. It's in a good location but a PITA for assembling a hang glider. I'm glad to hear that volunteers have been claeing it up. I like the name, 'Black Eye' launch. The story behind it is funny in retrospect.

I'll let Jonathan tell you why it's called the Blackeye launch. I don't believe Smokenjoe restored it. He pioneered it after about 50 hours of clearing bush. Most don't know but there is a hike up trail strait up from the 750. If i remember right its only 3/4 mile hike from the LZ to Launch.



Jerome, Jerome, Jerome,

GPS altitudes can vary quite a bit, you know that.  When the LZ was laid out the official survey stakes said that it was 1702' MSL in the NE corner. According to the printed USGS map on my wall the 750 turnout is at about the 2480' MSL line.  We've always called it the 750 because that's "rounder" and you DO go down the hill a bit, usually.

I have a lot of 750 launches and my altimeter has verified many many many times that the elevation above the LZ is right about 750 feet. Many of those flights were so brief that changing general air pressure conditions could not have been a factor.

Please don't start confusing people by calling the 750 by some other number!


If you are going to be launching a hang glider from this launch, please let others in the LZ know what your intensions are. From the LZ, a hang glider being assembled there looks a lt like a hang glider that crashed there. Since it doesn't get used very often, its an easy mistake to make. I was there one day and saw what appeared to be a downed glider. Luckily I had my camera with telephoto lens and I was able to see that it was someone setting up.

If you can't let others know that you intend to be there please consider just going to the 750 or Regionals.

No. Why would it be a joke? Its a legetimate concern. Either we have a pilot that crashed up on the mountain that no one is doing anything about, or we have someone seeing the glider, panacking and calling 911 for not a good reason. Just let someone know if you are going to be up there or maybe choose another launch. Not that big of a deal.

I was there in the LZ that day and it did look like a wing had crashed. I had flown over 20 min prior so i knew it was a pilot setting up.


Another NOTE: this is a turbulent section of hillside/canyon to be launching into...


you might be referring to the time i turtled my sport 2 there. A gust hit me as i was turning around to launch and that put me in a "whack position" (facing downwind - toward cloudland truck trail). Couldn't get the wing back over and the wind kept building, so i unhooked and let the wing go upside down and guided it to some soft-ish bushes. I stood on top of launch and waited, awkwardly waving at passers by. Wind finally lulled about 20 minutes later, popped it back upright, hooked in and launched safely.

Yes, the 1200 is a turbulent spot, only because it is situated near where the canyon converges and there is a nice thermal there. So, one has to take the good with the bad - and mitigate risks appropriately. I brought some rebar with me last week to make tie-ins, but never got the chance to install them. Will get to it next time I'm up there.


Not that I'm planning to use this launch often, but if there is sharp object (rebar) sticking out where it could snag lines of a PG or the wing itself, it would use it even less often. But if the metal part is shaped like a staple and all pointy ends are buried, that could be OK.

It would be nice if both PG and HG can use the launch, it may keep growing on me.

Yes, of course it will be completely PG friendly, just a piece of rebar (driven down) with a loop welded to the top of it. All you will see on the ground is the top of a metal loop. But only if you look hard enough.

I fly PGs too yknow, and i'll be launching my ION3 right there with ya ; )



That Ion 3 already knows where to go, so just clip in and enjoy the ride.

I hiked from the LZ to launch (54 min) and spent about 80 minutes pulling out all the small plants/weeds, to form a clean area, large enough to open a PG wing and the lines leading to it prior to inflation. Then I launched without any snag.

Next thing would be to bring a shovel to dig out the low/wide bush on the upper right (when facing down) part of launch (you can see it on the image at the top of this page). I managed to break/pull part of it, but the rest is well rooted. 5 min with a shovel should do.

Glad you made the launch even nicer for PG use. I just took out a lot of the course overgrowth a few weeks ago, but sounds like you fine tuned it further. Excellent!

How was your flight?