Another CSS RRG Fundraising Challenge to Members!


Hey Gang,

We received another request from a club member today to help in the USHPA drive to raise funds to establish an RRG for insurance purposes. As you know, this is absolutely necessary in keeping many of our flying sites open, due to the requirements of the land owners.

Our member would like to remain "ANONYMOUS", but would be willing to donate up to $1,000 (TOTAL) in matched funds, from other CSS members.

Starting from today. 

We have a 10 day window of opportunity only.

 Donations previously made to the USHPA & CSS, on behalf of the RRG effort, do not count.

So, if you would like to donate again, or for the first time towards this effort, this will double your donation. 

If CSS receives a total of :

$100 =     matched funds equals $100 =Total funds $200

$500 =    matched funds equals  $500 = Total funds $1,000

$1,000 = matched funds equals $1,000 = Total funds $2,000

If we receive more than the $1,000 limit set by the "ANONYMOUS member", all extra funds will be sent to USHPA to go towards the RRG effort fund raising. 

You may donate to CSS on this effort RRG/USHPA self insurance drive by:

1) The CSS PayPal link on our web site.   (ADD NOTE:FOR RRG)

2) Use the day/use drop box at the LZ shade structure.    (ADD NOTE:FOR RRG)

3) Mail check/payment to the CSS PO Box listed on our web site.    (ADD NOTE: FOR RRG)

Remember, we have a 10 day limit on any matching funds!







Hey Gang,

Kevin Williams reported he received $420 today towards the FFF RRG fund raising.

That's $840 going towards the effort.

We can help do this.

Thanks ALL who chipped in today!

Thank you Rhodes family!  However, I think we can donate more to get matching to it's full potential.  The anonymous donor will contribute up to $1k, so we need the CSS members to contribute $1k (for a total of $2k).  As of Jeff's update the member donations were at $420, so if we get that number to $1k then the total will be $2k.  I just kicked in $200 for this effort, so as of my posting the members have contributed $880 (including Conrad below this post).  We can do this!  Only $120 away from full-matching.

Thanks Kelly !

I totally misread that.
We just sent $120 via PayPal 
Think that does it

Thanks to everyone!!!

Thank you Rhodes!  By no mean was my post meant to be directed at you guys, but what a huge way to step up :)

You Gals & Guys are awesome.

With less than one day left, over $900 have been donated. So with the matching donations, that's $1800 donated towards the USHPA RRG  FFF fund.

As we said, any funds over the $1000 mark collected, will also be sent in to USHPA for that effort.

You ALL Rock!


You're all winners!

We hit the $1000 matching funds 2 days early of the dead line.

A Big Thank You to our Anonymous Donner for setting the bar.

We Thank All  OF You who dug in and helped with this ongoing effort.

We'll give you a grand total amount after the drop box and PO box have been checked.

Thank You CSS Members!


After checking all the donations, we ended up with $1480. That's $480 above the matching $1000.

So, CSS sent USHPA for the RRG FFF effort:

                 $2500  plus $675 added member donations:        $3175

                 $5000                                                                       $5000

                $1000   Anonymous member                                      $1000

                $1480  Matching member donations                        $1480

                                                                            Total:                 $10,655

This amount does not include all the donations our members made on their own directly to USHPA towards this fund raising effort. 

Looks like the Crestline Soaring Society will be joining the Founding Members status shortly.

Well Done CSS members!

I donated with no matching, then I donated again with matching ... for the San Diego club.  Mind you, I have yet to fly a San Diego site other than Torrey.  FML.

Here's my challenge to the CSS:  when we needed Gracie, the FFF gave us ten grand.  

CSS should just flat-out give it back, or offer club matching up to $7500.  What has the club given, $2500?  (I may be wrong, that's what I've read in the stratified therads).

We have 250 members, we are in the the biggest population area in the U.S., we are graced with great topography and climate, I say we should thank the sky pig for all these comparative advantages and offer a sacrifice of financial security.