750 Sculpting


While some of us took advantage of the short onshore window to get some airtime today, club president Jeff Boehler was at the 750 launch smoothing the edge and making it a little more paraglider-friendly.  At least somebody does some actual work around here ;)

Thanks, Jeff!


New istallation at the AJX recently.

New wind monitor at AJX.

This is a Great Group of Individuals that strive for perfection in all that they do.

You Crestliners enjoy a great flying site and welcome others to come join in, all are encouraged to come fly with us.

If you haven't noticed, we have another wind chart on our web just below the Crestline wind chart.

Thanks to a consorted effort over the past year or or so, it is live and real,

Wind Graphs at AJX LZ.

More to come on this latter, but!

Ken Howells, NATE & Kevin W. have helped bring this to our web , LIVE!

Thanks All!

And thank you Jeff for grooming the 750 launch. Noticed you were up there until sun-down.

The AJX weather station is temporarily relying on a WiFi connection before Kevin installs the new router\antenna\wired connection. We seem to often lose the WiFi connection, somehow requiring a manual reset of the USB WiFi transmitter. For this reason you may often notice the raw wind data is not showing and only the NWS forecast is available. An example of this is at 6pm on 12/30.

In summary, the issue will be addressed in the coming weeks with a new, wired network connection. Thanks.




Nate really took the initiative on this latest website enhancement. Nate bought the new weather station and mounting hardware and has donated it to the CSS.  Nate's been flying for a year and has a black & silver Falcon 4. Many have talked about an LZ weather station in the past but the problem was always sufficient electricity and a reliable internet connection.  Nate saw that those obstacles are gone (or soon to be overcome) and made it happen.

For the moment the system is connected to the net with a slightly dodgy WiFi connection - Kevin Williams has ordered the gear to provide a robust connection as part of a security-cam project he has been working on.

We expect the new LZ weather graph to be a big help in assessing flying conditions, especially in light Santa Anas. The color-coding of the wind direction on the AJX LZ weather graph is identical to the Crestline graph, for easy reference, though red at the LZ is not at all the dire situation it is up top.

What a great team. Thanks for all your efforts. It's greatly appreciated.

It was the 750... soon to be renamed the 749 :) Jeff. thanks for giving the 750 a shave!

 Our annual cleanup of the site to make it is safer for pilots went well over the last few days with members pitching in to help with the effort. 

Thanks Gene, Jerome, Wayne, Big John, Van & Mike, a new pilot.




Jeff is humble and deserves a big thank you for coordinating people's help, and working himself.

What a great group of people we have.