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The website is now running on a new server at a new webhost.

We are using a much more current version of the old content management system. The upside is that it adapts to various screensizes well and has a much easier to use text editor.  The downside is that the old forum content from the last six years is not transferred over.  We hope to have it viewable sometime soon, but it won't be in the new forum.

The weather info is still available but some of the old features like reviewing recent conditions and looking at the forecasts are not running yet.

The forum is available!  All users have to create new accounts.

We won't be able to have users uploading images for forum posts (at least at first) but it is very easy to insert images from other sites (Flickr, Facebook, etc.) on the web - all you need is the URL of the image to paste into a dialog box. We may be able to embed YouTube and Vimeo content.

Thanks for your patience,

Ken Howells
CSS Webmaster

I need to pay another $20 to complete my 015 membership. The online payment functions only allow either donations to ziggy or $100 to renew. 

I need a way to send $20 and have it applied to my incomplete membership payment, I only had $80 cash at the LZ.



Just drop the last $20 in the Day Use drop box in the yellow envelope with a note on it next time you are out. Or donate $20 to the Ziggy thing. Our treasure will make the adjustment for your club membership.

We call it our Frequent Flyer/Pay as You Fly Plan... Air miles added to your membership!

 We have done this for many of you over the past years.

Hey Gang, we are trying to work out the bugs in our system. We are trying to make it easier for everyone down the road. Thanks for being patient with us during this transition.

Thank You All for supporting us as a member of the Crestline Soaring Society.

Fly Safe!