Fly In July 11 contests and call for volunteers


I'll be officiating / judging the spot landing and bomb drop this coming Saturday July 11.

Also If you'd like to volunteer to help, contact Kathy Rhodes.

Also needed is someone to act as site monitor. Pilot member preferred.

Spot landing contest begins at 4 pm. Bomb drop 1pm.

Thank you Kathy, Rebar, Dave and all the folks that made it a great time!

- Alan

here for you watch on Slow Motion Landing your hang/para Glider

for more improve to better landing safety in near future

1. Put Big Wheel on Base Tube
2. Knee Pad more protect from injurie
3. More better flaring timing
4. your own judge to more improve

Thank for watch the video 
From Craig Uyeda  DHG

Here is click ==>


Thanks for taking the time to do this video. Glad I didn't whack today!

I had a great time thanks to all of the people helping with the event (people who supplied delicious food, helped run the information table, cooks, cleaners, trash collectors, music makers and video takers!) We sure have a great club!