Upcoming Events

Just a reminder about our upcoming events

May 30th -  Cross Country Ranch Family Camp night

May 31st -  CSS Membership Renewal Breakfast

ALL MEMBERSHIPS EXPIRE on MAY 31ST so make sure you renew

Hey Gang!

For those of you who use Pay Pal, we now are live with that option.

Membership details: http://www.crestlinesoaring.org/joincss

Online form: https://www.crestlinesoaring.org/join

You're still invited  & welcomed to come get breakfast on our  upcoming renewal day also.

Our very own Kathy Rhodes has a special weekend planned for YOU. 

Come on out and help us celebrate another flying year ahead of us. Make some new friends and visit with some "OLD ones"...

We'll be cooking breakfast on that day for all of you, so come early & enjoy the day or weekend of flying. Great flying conditions have been ordered up for you. Maybe we can have a "Pond Happening Again" ?

Some are planning on camping all weekend with some pot luck stuff going on?

It's time for a little "Decompression" with all the stuff lately. Come Chill with Us!

We "Thank You" in advance for supporting the CSS.

Fly Safe!


We love to party hearty at CSS!

Hey if anyone from this neck of the woods is going to the beach on the 23rd to help celebrate Otto's BirdDay, I could use a lift for me and some divers. You're welcome to dive my divers off the sand dune.

Could you get 'em to the LZ?  Then I wouldn't get sand in my U2-- I can just fly your Harrier.

Since it's so old, is it now a Hairiest?


Family Campout & Membership Renewal Breakfast.!

For those of you who enjoy all the benefits of being a Crestline Soaring Society member, we would encourage you to come out and join the activity Kathy Rhodes has planed for you on May 30-31, 2015.

A Pot Luck Kindda Friday/ Saturday night  thing.

The BBQ Grill wiil be full of propane, bring the grub...

As usual for Crestliners?

Friday/Saturday night  Camp Out, All are welcomed as usual.

Greet some old friends & meet some new ones!

You will be greeted with an open " Welcome Greeting" by members of your club, & a host of Board of Directors & family & friends frying up breakfast on Sunday morning for you, fit for the Queens & Kings you are! The Coffee pot should be brewing by 8:00 am.

Come hear the latest gossip or bring some of your own? Coffee does that to us?

Thanks Again for supporting CSS & come out & fly high and enjoy!

CSS Members!

Any particular time that breakfast will be happening?

If you were able to come out this past weekend and enjoy the flying, Family campout and CSS Membership Renewal Breakfast on Sunday, we thank you for joining us.

We were also treated to a Saturday night movie session, complete with movie theater popcorn machine,  by our very own Dave Aldrich. Thank You David!

This was all planned and coordinated by our very own Kathy Rhodes. Thank You Kathy!

A big Thanks to "ALL" that helped out in the weekend events.

You are Greatly Appreciated by many.

Pretty nice flying conditions were had by all. Lots of airtime logged by pilots. Flight times of 1-3 hrs. for many. Altitude gains to about 6K plus on Saturday, not sure about Sunday. Pilots had to deal with some good sink cycles both days making you work for it at times. Most gave in to beer suck after having their fill late day.

Sundays renewal breakfast had a good turnout at 9:00 am. with about 40 some people showing up. Our friend NO Fly Steve became a full dues paying member that morning along with a number of others as well. 

If you have not Renewed your CSS yearly membership yet, now is the time.

Your membership expired on May 31 st., 2015. Pilots have said the Pay Pal option works pretty well. There still is a few things to work out with those that have Glider container storage fees.

Thank You All for supporting the Crestline Soaring Society this upcoming year and in the Past!

Fly Safe!