USHPA Region 3 Mailing List


New USHPA Regional Director Alan Crouse has sent out the following:

Hello Region 3!

If you remember (or even noticed) my campaign to be your regional director, you may recall that I promised to create a website and mailing list for the upcoming USHPA Board of Director meetings.  

Any USHPA Region 3 member can join from the website or subscribe to the Region 3 mailing list.  List members will receive a synopsis of upcoming board meetings (next one is mid-March) and post-meeting results.  You can also view this material at the website

Expect this mailing list to ask for your opinions and input on upcoming topics.

Remember, USHPA works best when we can get your input.

Thank you,

Alan Crouse

Your "no more surprises" RD

Hello Alan,

On December 24th, I wrote to all 3 of our Region 3 Directors:

Hello Dan, Corey, Alan, Brian, and others,

I'm writing to request a meeting between our club's officers and members and all three of our Region 3 Directors to discuss the Torrey Pines Gliderport.

As you most likely know, the Torrey Pines Gliderport has been a flash point of contention for many years (long before my own time in the sport).

During my term as Regional Director, we had a deep divide in our local representation with myself on one side and Brad Hall on the other. We were deadlocked and unable to come up with a unified approach.

I am hopeful that this new set of Directors (all from one great biwingual club) can finally take a fair look at the situation and work together with us to help get it resolved in a way that's consistent with the fine club atmosphere that you've enjoyed at Crestline.

I am also hopeful that we can find a time during the Christmas holiday season when we could all meet at Crestline for your convenience (possibly after a nice day of flying). I cannot speak for all of our officers, but I can commit myself to meeting at any time which is convenient for you. So please write back to let me know what time(s) you might be available and hopefully we can find a time that works for most (if not all) of us.

Finally, let's put our divisions behind us and join together to make 2014 the year that all Region 3 Directors worked together to solve an ongoing problem in Region 3!!

Sincerely . . . and Optimistically,
Bob Kuczewski
Club Secretary - Torrey Hawks Hang Gliding Club
858-204-7499 ... Please call any time!!

I've followed up with phone calls and other messages requesting a meeting since then, but I haven't gotten a reply from any of our Region 3 Directors.

Alan, are you willing to meet with our club's officers and members or not?

Bob Kuczewski

Is there any way to get the rating requirement at Torrey reduced to a H3? As a P4 I have many hours at Torry. I would like to fly my hangglider there. I think it's total BS that you are required to have a higher rating than a PG at such a easy flying site.

Hi Joe,

The rating disparity at Torrey (H4/P0) is just one of many hang gliding issues that are NOT being addressed because there are no dedicated hang gliding representatives on the Torrey Pines Soaring Council. The RC clubs have 3 dedicated RC representatives, and the sailplane clubs have 2 dedicated sailplane representatives (even though they haven't flown a single sailplane flight there in years!). But the sports of hang gliding and paragliding are forced to share representatives through USHPA and the SDHGPA. What this means is that there is often no representation (ZERO) for hang gliding on that 7 member council. Right now, for example, neither the USHPA representative nor the SDHGPA representative are active hang glidnig pilots. So out of 7 Council members there are ZERO active hang gliding pilots. There are 3 RC pilots, 2 sailplane pilots, and 2 PG pilots, but NONE for hang gliding. So who will speak up for hang gliding issues?

That's why the Torrey Hawks Hang Gliding Club was formed. We were formed to protect and promote the sport of hang gliding at Torrey Pines. Many of your fellow Crestline pilots have supported the Torrey Hawks, but USHPA hasn't. At the spring 2010 USHPA Board meeting I passed a USHPA resolution that USHPA would work to increase our representation on the Council. In the four years since that resolution was passed, USHPA has done nothing to implement it. That's why I am asking to meet with our USHPA Directors to finally resolve this problem. So far, none of the three Directors has been willing to do so, and that's why I'm here asking publicly on this forum.

By the way, our club (Torrey Hawks Hang Gliding Club - USHPA Chapter 270) holds an informal club meeting and fly-in on the Second Sunday of every month. Please come down on one of those Second Sundays and meet some of our members. Some of our tandem pilots are often available to give free tandem flights to our members and guests who aren't H4's yet. If you want to support hang gliding nationally, you're also welcome to sign up for the US Hawks Hang Gliding Association. The US Hawks is based on bringing Chapters together so we can better protect the sport of hang gliding nationally. Last month (January 2014), the Rio Grande Soaring Association became the 4th USHPA Chapter to also become a US Hawks Chapter. We're hoping more will come on board ... maybe Crestline some day?

Thanks for posting!!

Today (March 3rd, 2014), I sent the following email message to all 3 of our Region 3 Directors (Alan Crouse, Dan DeWeese, and Corey Caffrey).

Region 3 Directors (cc Rich Hass and others),

The USHPA Board will meet in about 10 days.

I am making an official request that each of you take the 3 following actions:

1. Pass a USHPA SOP change or bylaw requiring publication of all Director's votes.
2. Pass a USHPA SOP change removing requirements for chapters to be biwingual.
3. Request that USHPA President Rich Hass appoint a new representative to the Torrey Pines Soaring Council who is willing to uphold the USHPA Board's 2009 directive to increase our sport's representation on that Council.

I believe none of you will do any of these things, but I am requesting it for the record.

Bob Kuczewski
Current USHPA Member
Former USHPA Director

Let's see if any of them "surprise" us with a response to these specific requests.

By the way, since all 3 of our USHPA Region 3 Directors are Crestline pilots, this is the closest thing we have to an actual USHPA Forum in our Region. An actual USHPA Forum is where these kinds of requests should be made, but sadly, USHPA doesn't see fit to provide a public forum where members can make requests of Directors.