2016-10-08 Board Meeting Minutes




DATE: OCT 8  23,  2016,  9:45 AM  - 1:351 AM

Presented by Kevin Greene - secretary to the board.

A scheduled meeting of the board of directors was held on the above date.   The following members of the board attended:

President:  Dan DeWeese

Vice President:  Steve Nowak

Treasurer:  Kevin Williams

Secretary:   Kevin Greene

Events Coordinator: Kathy Rhodes

Communications Director: Dave Hards

Site Director  Chris Hast

Safety Director  Dave Aldrich

Dusty Rhodes and Owen Morse attended as a guests of the board.


A Motion was made by Dan DeWeese to appoint Dave Aldrich as Safety Director.  The motion passed unanimously

Grass plan.

The grass area upgrade / maintenance & repair was discussed in detail.  A bid by TRUGEEN  obtained for the club by Kenny Westfall was presented by Dan DeWeese and discussed in detail and it was decided that such an intensive 5 yr contract was not needed at this time.  A motion by Dan Deweese to have volunteers R & R the 40 sprinkler heads and a $1000 budget for aeration and overseeding was provisionally approved.  The issue will be reviewed again at the Dec  BOD meeting.  The process will start with overseeding with fescue as soon as sprinkler heads serviced.

Summer months - old watering sys

The piping and storage infrastructure for the old  water distribution system which was mostly destroyed by fire was briefly discussed and tabled until a future date.

Expired Ranch cotract.

Dan DeWesse announced that this contract which expired in July was being reviewed for renewal with Owen Morse.   Terms for the renewal will be presented and reviewed at a later date.

Powerlines /PG safety ....Edison Co. communications.

The issue of powerline hazards to PG pilots was discussed in detail.  Dave Aldrich as safety director will develop signage alerting pilots to the hazard.   A motion was made and carried for Dan DeWeese to pursue  the installation of an apparatus to prevent pilots on a hazardous approach from striking the power lines.  It was approved with an initial budget of $1200.

Site intro video with hazards identified and site rules / protocols.

A motion was made and carried to form a sub committee chaired by Dave Aldrich to develop the script for a Point of The Mount ( UT) type site intro / safety video.  The target date for the completion the project  of May 2017 as suggested.  The project will be addressed again at the Dec  BOD meeting.

PG parachute deployment training apparatus.

A motion was made and carried for Steve Nowak and Jeff Boehler to pursue the refit and installation of this donated apparatus with a budget of $250.

Other Items.

A motion was made and carried for Kevin Williams to spend $500 for grading and gravel etc supplies to complete the approach to the new HG storage unit.

A financial operations report was submitted by Kevin Williams.

Kevin Greene's duties as club secretary were changed to a purely volunteer position.

Dave Aldrich emphasized that all pilots launching Crestline should absolutely clear all spectators from any locations forward or down hill from the launch point with particular emphasis on the rock piles below that seem to be magnets for  visitors, family and local watchers.   This is for their own safety should the launching pilot have difficulties with their launch.

Recap last year’s projects.

Security cameras, flagpole,  barbeque structure, Internet tower and WIFI, windsocks, additional porta potty, concrete slabs for the HG storage bins and an added unit, AC and insulation for the clubhouse digital equipment room,  weather station, website updates.