Demo Days Are Here... Welcome Visiting Pilots!

Hey Gang,

The next five days we will be hosting a group of fellow pilots from around the world. We would invite you, current members of The Crestline Soaring Society to help Welcome all visiting pilots to our flying community.

If you could give a Site Intro, Directions to Launch, Rides to Launch, Cross Country routes, Favorite local Restaurants, local bike rides, hikes, sites to see, etc..

 You would be doing what other pilots from other areas have done for so many of us, that have visited other flying sites over the years, the same warm reception.

Our Very Own Kathy Rhodes and company have a great agenda planned along with Wills Wings for our visiting pilots & family and friends throughout the coming weekend. 

If you can come out early or stay a little latter, please let Kathy or anyone know what you can do to help out. You would be Greatly Appreciated!

Join the fun and make some new friends and be part of a truly unique flying experience.

The weather is looking exceptional for this time of year so far. We do expect some great flying conditions all week.